How to easily find your new home? – Mortgage loan

When you want to find new accommodation on the internet, you can be faced with a big problem: the lack of information. Between the sites where you need to register for housing prices or the lack of information about a program, finding the dream home is often long. Discover the solution to easily find your future new home.

Find as much information as possible

To find out if you like accommodation, you need to find as much information as possible. But not always easy to have access to prices, plans or characteristics of housing on the net. In fact, on most real estate sites, you must give your contact details to access information (the plan, the brochure, etc.)

To solve this problem we discovered Good Finance, the 1st comparator of new homes. + 20,000 new homes are listed there, and all information is available free of charge and without registration!

Compare the homes you like

In order to be able to make the best choice from this range of accommodation, the solution is to compare and compare the accommodation with each other. One accommodation has a parking space, the other may have an exterior while the latter will have good exposure to the sun.

Thus, Good Finance provides you with a comparator of new housing. It will compare the criteria that are important to you (exposure, floor, price, plan, etc.), will provide you with a calculator to find out what the monthly amount of your credit will be as well as your Pinel tax savings if you buy for tax exemption. A map will even allow you to calculate the distance of each apartment from your work.

Meet the professionals directly

Meet the professionals directly

When it comes to real estate investment there is a golden rule: location. And just because you’re buying new doesn’t mean you don’t have to go there. On the contrary! Do not hesitate to make an appointment with the promoters and visit the sector.

You will be able to realize the district, its life but also its proximity to transport, schools or other amenities. You will understand that the search for new housing is complicated. However, with the right tools, you will easily find the accommodation of your dreams.

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