Home loan and trial period in real estate civil society

The trial period is a probationary period leading to the obtaining of a Real estate civil society contract, it is possible to carry out mortgage loan procedures but it will be necessary to obtain the Real estate civil society definitively to validate the obtaining of the funds.

Real estate civil society trial period and credit application


Many households wish to embark on a property acquisition project, it is simply a matter of becoming an owner by buying a house, an apartment or by embarking on a new house construction project. To be able to buy property, it is necessary to file a mortgage application with a bank.

This is obviously not the only requirement to be met, there must also be sufficient repayment capacity and a situation compatible with the criteria of financial institutions. When the borrower files his request, he will have to provide several details on his professional situation and in particular on his employment contract.

Today, it is not possible to obtain a mortgage without presenting a contract of the Real-estate civil society or equivalent type (civil servant, manager, liberal profession or even retired).

The Real estate civil society is therefore part of the requirement criteria for banks to study a mortgage project and then grant the funds when the situation meets the criteria. A borrower being in a trial period under a permanent contract can take steps but it will need the final validation of his permanent contract to be able to obtain the mortgage loan funds.

Take steps during the trial period while waiting for the Real estate civil society


The trial period within the framework of a Real estate civil society contract is not considered by the banks as a Real estate civil society as such, simply because this period can include a breach of the contract by one or the other. part.

That is, the borrower can end his probationary period if the work does not suit him, just as the employer can end this period if the employee does not meet the requirements of the position.

It is, therefore, a risky situation for financial institutions, they will prefer to wait for the transition to a permanent contract to update the mortgage loan file and above all to validate the financing agreement making it possible to obtain the funds definitively.

The trial period is not, however, an obstacle for the borrower to operate mortgage loan procedures, in fact, it generally takes several weeks or even months to build a mortgage loan file and obtain the release of funds ( which corresponds to the duration of the trial period). The period is therefore ideal to prepare the ground by applying for a mortgage and providing all the necessary supporting documents. Generally, the employee will be transferred to Real estate civil society when the file is complete, it will then suffice for him to provide a copy of his contract to Real estate civil society to definitively confirm the financing.

Simulate a mortgage during the trial period

Simulate a mortgage during the trial period

If the conditions seem favorable for the employee in the context of his professional activity, then there is a good chance that the trial period will lead to a definitive permanent contract.

It is therefore strongly advised to simulate a home loan by taking into account the current situation and by estimating that the borrower will be in Real estate civil society thereafter. This will allow you to obtain a mortgage loan proposal very quickly, taking into account current conditions: rate, duration, guarantee, fees. It is a free and non-binding process.

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