Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Commercial carpet cleaning services provides clients 24 hour service. This has earned us the premiere status of being the best commercial carpet cleaner in major cities across the country according to internal company rankings.

We perform professional carpet cleaning services for local businesses that includes floor stripping and floor waxing services. We can work anytime day or night so that your schedule is not interrupted. Our quality service and fleet of trucks are operated by the best-trained crews in the business. As a result, we have the capabilities to provide commercial services to museums, hotels, restaurants, office complexes, and supermarkets. We will be happy to tell you about our references and past projects.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Commercial Property Cleaning Services

Our reliable network of professional carpet cleaners provides you with the ability to schedule commercial carpet cleaning services on your time. It doesn’t matter if you a big retail store or small office space, you will get consistent high quality results. We can work around cubicles, workstations and fabrics from floor to ceiling. You will be glad to know that your carpets and rugs will be dry in a couple hours so there is no risk of mold or mildew. Our long-term game plan will help protect your carpet and upholstery to handle the toughest demands.

Interim Carpet Cleaning – first we will address the areas that receive the most traffic. Interim carpet cleaning is perfect for high-traffic areas by giving it additional protection that will extend the life of the carpet.

Carpet Deodorizer – Professional carpet deodorizer equipment is used to neutralize odors from their origin. You will experience an instant relief giving you and your co-workers a clean fresh scent once again.

Carpet Protection – After your carpet and upholstery is cleaned, an industrial strength carpet protector is used to resist dirt and spills from your carpet and furniture. The fibers will have an easier time withstanding the daily wear and tear.

Spot Carpet Cleaning – We’ll give special attention to unwanted spots wherever they show up. Spot cleaning works great on carpet and upholstery. The spot cleaner used will also not have any affect on the carpet protection that has already been treated. Prevent spots from becoming full-blown stains using our spot carpet cleaning service.

Area Rug Cleaning & Deodorizer

Commercial carpet cleaning goes hand and hand with area rugs. Our service will take care of cleaning the rugs in your hallways, lobby, and other uncarpeted areas. Our technicians are trained to clean all types of rugs including Oriental and Persian area rugs.

Using industrial commercial carpet cleaning equipment, we have the ability to perform rug cleaning on all fabric types including: wool, silk, synthetic material, and cotton. The gentle process will protect the dye and fibers while leaving you with a vibrant and fresh looking rug.

Corporate Upholstery Cleaning & Deodorizer

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Hotel Commercial Cleaning Services

Are the chairs in your waiting room dirty? How about the couch in your lobby? Our commercial upholstery cleaning services will clean and deodorize your chairs, sofas, and other pieces of furniture that are frequently used. Say goodbye to dirt and stains as we clean your corporate furniture. From natural fibers to new synthetic materials, the commercial upholstery cleaners we use are safe and non-toxic.

Like our commercial carpet cleaning and area rug cleaning service, we use a similar process to extract the dirt from the upholstery. This enables us to extract the water from the commercial upholstery fabric faster using less water. The result is a faster drying time for the corporate upholstery. Our corporate furniture cleaning service also is great for leather couches and chairs.

Commercial Tile, Stone and Grout Cleaning

Schedule your local commercial floor cleaners to stop by and shine your tile and grout throughout the building anytime. We can clean tile floors at the mall, restaurants, lobby area, and other places. We utilize deep cleaning solutions that extract dirt, stains and build-up on the floor. This will make the floors safer to walk on and last longer.

Granite Countertop Renewal

Believe it or not, granite countertops can hold a lot of bacteria. Not only that, over time granite and marble countertops lost their natural shine and durability. Ask us about our countertop restoration service. We will help make your granite table tops great again.

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup Service

Did your pipes burst over the weekend? Water leaks can do major damage to your carpet and flooring. We know how to extract water quickly. Call us to get the excess moisture out of your carpet and padding before it is too late.

How to Clean Commercial Carpeting

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Janitorial Services for Commercial Properties

Dry Vacuum
Removing dry soil is one of the most important steps in cleaning. Failure to begin with this basic step can mean that this dirt is never properly removed.

Pre Spray and Stain Removal
We use a solution that does a fair amount of the ground work in breaking up sticky bonds that the dirt has to the carpet pile.

Agitation and Downtime
To achieve the proper agitation and distribution of the cleaning solution into the carpet pile for maximum soil suspension, we use the best professional rotary machine on the market called the Rotowash.

It has a twin cylinder contra-rotating brushes that have the capability of producing high quality clean on all floor surfaces, including difficult to clean carpet and hard safety flooring.

When it is in use, the brushes rotate at 650 r.p.m and exert up to ten times the pressure of conventional rotary scrubbing machines.

Deep Cleaning Process
The next step involves a carpet extractor which provides enough heat to truly penetrate tough spots on the carpet.

The water is heated and some gentle chemicals are added that will break apart most of the dirt particles. The natural carpet fibers are cleaned using a hot water extraction methon (not steam) to prevent shrinkage. Check out a video of our commercial carpet cleaning process.

Most rental machines use some of the technology from the professional systems, but with a lot less power and usually without an element to heat water and rinse making the results limited.

The powerful commercial machine we use has a 500psi pump and a dual two-stage vacuum motor which removes more water and soil, allowing the carpets to dry faster.

Bring Your Carpets Back to Life and Avoid Costly Replacement

You depend on your Business and commercial facilities to create a positive impression on customers and prospective clients when they enter the building. Nothing ruins an impression faster than dirty or stained carpeting. From coffee spills and food stains to cooking oils and grease stains, dirt that is tracked in will quickly diminish carpet’s appearance.

If your carpets are dirty or dull looking, then Commercial Carpet Cleaning can bring them back to life. The process we use will help lift carpet fibers to give them a deep cleaning below the surface. The Hot-Water Extraction will remove the stains and make your commercial floors look great again.

Before you tear up your carpet or flooring, ask us if whether a cost-effective alternative solution exists to carpet replacement. With our tools, knowledge, and experience dirt doesn’t stand a chance!

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